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The Conference dinner will take place at EDF Bazacle complex, on Friday 26th April, from 7 to 11pm.


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Situated in the center of the city along the Garonne, the EDF Bazacle Complex offers to the EHBEA participants diverse experiences: a museum itinerary, a large terrace overhanding the Garonne, temporary exhibitions – some with the support of the EDF Foundation, a photo gallery, a fish pass.

Dinner cost: Student: 55 €/ Non student: 75 €/ Accompanying person: 75€ (no more than 1 per participant). Free for kids.

History  of the Bazacle:

The EDF Bazacle Complex is situated on an exceptional site on the Garonne River, near the old ford, that was the city’s founding passage and used long before Roman times.
The site is strategic. Floating mills were installed in the 12th Century and then replaced by mills built on the riverbank. In the 14th Century, the owners, pioneers of capitalism, created the world’s first known joint-stock company.
The industrial adventure continued in the 19th century.
In 1888, the Bazacle Grand Moulin was converted into a hydroelectric plant by the Société Toulousaine d’Electricité, that lights downtown Toulouse, and EDF acquired the site in 1946. Thanks to the miracle of electricity, a new era started and accompanied the development and modernisation of the city with renewable energy.
The hydroelectric power station, equipped with a fish pass, has now been in operation for a century. More information.



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